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28 de diciembre de 2013

Victor Muller

Victor Muller

Victor Muller (Den Helder, 1976) graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.
Victor Muller’s paintings evoke the world in which he would ideally like to dwell. During the act of painting he searches for silence, the eternal in the present, the place where to flee from the cacophony of human existence. In this search, the ambience is the determining factor. A surplus of light or sound drowns out the atmosphere and denies the depth of the human soul.
The light in Victor Muller’s paintings is always toned down and filtered. There is never a “blackest” black or a “whitest”white. He relates to painters who look for the “coloured grey”, from Vermeer to Chardin, Hynckes, William Baily, but also Fra Angelico, the contemporary Pietro Annigoni and of course his source of inspiration: Giovanni Bellini.
In his paintings, Victor Muller presents the background as a still life in its own right, complementing the still life in the foreground. Against the backdrop of the strictly organised Tuscan landscape, he places a composition of objects which appear to be from times long past. The still life, literaly “natura morta”, in the foreground strenghens the feeling of absence of motion, which is captured in the
background. All this creates an almost palpable, ageless admosphere. As the artist himself puts it: “ the ambience is extremely important to me, the idea that the landscape, as it were, came to a standstill, no sun, no wind, no rain, no time, just an eternal constant.”

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Rafael Humberto Lizarazo Goyeneche dijo...

Sólo amor yo te deseo para el nuevo año que viene, porque amando y siendo amado todo lo demás se obtiene.


Unknown dijo...

Muchas gracias Rafael. Le deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo. Gracias por seguirme. Un abrazo fraterno.