30 de abril de 2012

Artista Caroline Archambault

Pinturas de Gregory Calibey

Nikodim Leybgam

George Tsui

Hamish Blakely

29 de abril de 2012

Daniel Merrian

Anna Kryukova

Salma Arastu

Raymond Rogers

Cardinal Points

Homenaje a Chagal

Pinturas de Francisco Ramos

El ensueño de Quijote

Amistad del alma

Natasha Milashevich

Radish Tordia

Radish Tordia was born in 1936 in Abasha, Georgia.
1956 - graduated from J. Nikoladze Art Studio, Tbilisi. 1962 - graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1962 has been participating at republic, former SU and International exhibitions. Radish Tordia's paintings
were exposed at museums and galleries of Georgia, Russia, Baltic republics, Syria, India, Japan, Hungary, Czechnya, Slovakia, Italy, Yugoslavia, France, Spain, Holland etc.

28 de abril de 2012

Isaac Maimon

Katya Gridneva

Pinturas Caroline Archambault

27 de abril de 2012

Alfred Gockel

Nika Gabunia

26 de abril de 2012

Nemesh Vjekoslav

Michael Garmash

Sergio Astorga

Marne Adler

Vian Sora

Artista Willy Heeks

Willy Heeks is a painter known for works that are intricately layered with bold swathes of color and stenciled forms that seep out of the background. In his monotypes published at Aurobora, Heeks uses the intaglio press to create soft, spongy backdrops for his stencil forms that simmer in their own bold colors as they surface into the foreground of each composition.
In these works on paper, Heeks employed found items from an abandoned construction site as stencil forms to undergrid his compositions. Flourescent spray paint and white primer were used to set forms –through mesh wire, chainlink, twisted cords — onto a Plexiglas matrix. Heeks then inked, surface wiped, and printed image over image increasing visual information. Heeks then would further embellish each monotype with added handwork allowing inks, watercolors, and chaotic brush strokes to have their own way with the surfaces of these monotypes.

Katya Gridneva

Julia Farjat

El canto del pàjaro


Anna Kryukova

Born in 1972 in Kiev.
1991 -1997 - Academy of Art and Architecture, under professor V.I.Gurin.
1991 - first exhibition
1994 - Member of the Ukraine Union of Artists
2002 - Exhibition, "Ukraine", Central House of Art, Moscow
2001 - All-Ukrainian Triennale "Art 2001", Kiev
2000 - "Rizdvyana", All-Ukrainian, Central House of Art, Kiev
2000 - Group exhibition. Hall of the Unioin of Artists, Chernigov, Ukraine
2000 - "International Art Salon-Gallery", Moscow, Central House of Art
1999 - International Simposium Plein Air, Alitus, Lithuania
1999 - Solo exhibition, "Movement in Space", Gallery "Grifon"
1998 - Triennale Painting, Hall of Ukraine Union of Artists, Kiev
1998 - "Best Women Artists", KMGM "Lavra"
1997 - "Best Women Artists", KMGM "Lavra"
1997 - "80 Years of UAM!, National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kiev
1996 - Internationa Simposium-Plein Air, Didimoteixo, Greece
1994 - "First Art Fair", Centre "Ukrainian House", Kiev
1994 - Charity Auction, National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kiev
1992 - Group exhibition, Hall UAM
1991 - "Ukraine in Painting", House of Ukraine Union of Artists, Kiev

Caroline Archambault

Hamish Blakely

A painting should speak for itself. As Fritz Lang, the great Austrian film maker and director of “Metropolis” stated, “When a director makes a film and it doesn’t express what he wants to say and he needs to give an interview to explain to an audience why and what; he is a lousy director.”

I certainly don’t suggest an Artist be aloof or even this dogmatic, as I have enjoyed countless discussions with collectors that have left me with a vivid and refreshed perspective of my work, but it is a striking remark that applies to Art; a painting should grab the viewer without an essay or speech, leaving further explanation supplementary rather than vital.

Where possible, my own thoughts should recede to allow space for the views of the audience.

25 de abril de 2012

Anna Vinogradova

James Wu

Artista Gregory Calibey