30 de junio de 2015


Vera Nikolayevna Rockline (Moscow, 1896 - Paris, 4 april 1934) was born in Moscow to French and Russian parentage. She studied at the studios of the best avant-garde masters of her time; Il'ia Mashkov in Moscow, and later Alexandra Exter in Kiev. Rockline soon became known as Mashkov's most talented student and was noted for her painterly technique. From 1918 she exhibited her works extensively and, like many young avant-garde artists, participated in decorating the streets of the city for the anniversary of the October Revolution.

29 de junio de 2015


Dreama Tolle Perry. Well, let's start first with the name. Dreama. Yeah, it is my real name. My Kentucky grandmother gifted me with it and it has served me well. Secondly, I simply enjoy what I do. I get excited over color, beauty in unexpected places, and the joy of connecting with another through my art. I have been painting for over 20 years, first in watercolor and then later in oils. I am mostly self-taught, as in no formal education, but I have had many teachers along the way via great workshops, museums, galleries, art books, DVD's, and life. I grew up in a rural area in Kentucky and didn't see my first real art collection until I was in my 30's--and it rocked my world! For many years as I painted, I questioned whether I was a "real" artist, not knowing where I fit in to the scheme of things. Well, I now know, I was meant to paint. No matter if anyone ever saw anything I did, I would still paint. I love the process of painting. It's like getting in the car with a sense of adventure, heading out for the day into the unknown. For every painting has its own deal, its own set of questions that beg to be answered. I am comfortable with the fact that I will never know it all. What would be the fun in that? I am by nature curious, so painting fits me to a T.