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9 de diciembre de 2013

Gaylord Ho

Gaylord Ho

Gaylord Ho was born April 11, 1950, in Hsin-Wu, Taiwan. Born to poor farmers Gaylord spent most of his free time helping, along with his brother, with the chores of scratching out a living on a small rice farm in middle Taiwan. His parents, while certainly not well off financially, were accepting and loving of their children and believed strongly in education. Gaylord was sent off to the public school system as soon as he was of age. He was not, however, relieved of his duties on the farm and spent many afternoons and holidays wading in the rice paddies pulling weeds and grass, planting rice plants or harvesting the latest crops. Water buffalo was the main farm equipment of the day.

2 comentarios:

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art dijo...

Gorgeous work!

Viviana Lelli - Artista plástica dijo...

Que hermosas esculturas!! Son increíbles! Gracias por compartirlas.