30 de septiembre de 2015

Artista Lin Ching Che.

Taiwanese painter Lin Ching Che is a member of several major associations of artists. He prefers to paint with watercolors. Most of his paintings are urban landscapes and still life.
Lin Ching Che was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his first art education at the local elementary school, after that was high school, the National University of the Arts, and National Taiwan Institute of Fine Arts. Currently, the artist is a member in several international associations of Watercolor artists. Over the last twelve years, Lin Ching Che regularly participates in all kinds of exhibitions.

29 de septiembre de 2015

Hla Phone Aung

Hla Phone Aung, nació en 1966, Kyun Sin Phyu, Myanmar. Estos cuadros además de su belleza, de su armonía, trasmiten un gran respeto y gozo por la vida, y por el ser humano.

Giovanni Panza

Giovanni Panza (Miseno, March 9, 1894 - Napoli, December 20, 1989) was an Italian painter. Born into a family of poets and painters, he was the nephew of Salvatore Postiglione and Luca Postiglione, sons of the painter Raphael Postiglione, who introduced him to painting. Besides being a painter was Panza, like Uncle Luke, also a poet and writer. His painting remained faithful to the tradition-romantic nature, tracing the figurative tradition of the Neapolitan school of the nineteenth century. Represented landscapes, figures, roads, bucolic scenes, markets that he derived from the daily life of the neighborhoods in Naples.