29 de septiembre de 2013


28 de septiembre de 2013


Miles W. Mathis is an anachronism, a romantic artist who feels he doesn't quite fit into the modern age. He describes his work as unabashedly unmodern and completely antithetical to the concerns of modern art. Mathis took great care to establish a link to the past in his art education. Using the now out of style method of copywork he learned techniques from the Old Masters he admires. But Mathis strives for more than technical skill in his work; he wants to create more than a literal or decorative rendering of a subject. He considers his work a personal expression of the aesthetic. For Mathis the human figure, more than any other subject, has the power to engage the viewer. He delights in the subtle play of light and shadow on reflective surfaces such as hair and skin to suggest mood. Over and over he can paint the same model, varying the experience by using pencil, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, and oil.

27 de septiembre de 2013


In Karin Jeanne pictures, the viewer is taken on a journey through the mysterious world of childhood. Animals and dolls become the protagonists in her works. She quite literally develops her images playfully, by applying flecks of colour and smudges that appear almost accidental. Karin Jeanne´s pictures seem to contain a mysterious magic. The figures are imbedded in profuse foliage, which both protects them and at the same time, separates them from the real world. This allows a microcosm, or another world, to develop in her pictures. Born in 1968, she lives and works in France.


26 de septiembre de 2013



Larisa Naumova was born in 1945 in Semfiropol. In 1973 she graduated Moscow Printing Academy. Member of Soviet Artists Union since 1978. Works in a portrait, still life, landscape genre, but her main task is to work on the composition of painting to combine all mentioned genres. Participant of Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions.

25 de septiembre de 2013


Alain Senez, Born Paris 1948 and brought up in Provence. Showing precocious talent for art, Senez entered Aix School of Art at fourteen, going on to win Granet prizes for both painting and sculpture. In 1966 he moved to Paris to study at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, winning the Grand Prix Rocheron and the Fortin d’Ivry prize and culminating as favourite and runner-up in the Prix de Rome, attracting a favourable notice from Balthus. From 1974 resident in Belgium where he pursues his overriding concern with technique and effects of light, starting with the Flemish masters and spanning a wide range of subject matter from figures to equestrian, landscape and architectural themes. Senez has shown mainly in Belgium but also in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

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Estudios : - Ciclo Básico de Artes de la Universidad de Chile 2006-2007 - Licenciatura en artes Universidad de Chile (2008-2009 ) - Academia de Bellas Artes Martin Soria ( 2010-2011) Exposiciones. 2011 - " Racconto " Galería Art Labbé - Salón de Otoño Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes. - Salón de pintores Jóvenes Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes. - Salón Nacional Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes. - Invitada a participar en la Muestra " Homenaje a Valparaiso "del Pintor Manuel GarridoE. (Magaez). Exposicón en la Camara de Diputados de Chile . 2012 - " Alturas " Galeria Art labbé - " Mitos y leyendas de Salamanca " . Centro Cultural Salamanca donde fue seleccionada del Concurso Isaías Cabezón. Mitos y leyendas de Salamanca " -. Museo Histórico Gabriel Gozález Videla . - " Mente y cuerpo " Gimnasio Odontología Universidad de Chile. Premios : 2011 Medalla Instituto Cultural Chileno Japonés Y segundo Lugar de la Sociedad nacional de Bellas Artes . Salón de pintores Jóvenes.


Igor Mitoraj (born 1944) is a Polish artist born in Oederan, Germany. He studied painting at the Kraków School of Art and at the Kraków Academy of Art under Tadeusz Kantor. After graduating, he had several joint exhibitions, and held his first solo exhibition in 1967 at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Poland. In 1968, he moved to Paris to continue his studies at the National School of Art. Shortly afterwards, he became fascinated by Latin American art and culture, spending a year painting and travelling around Mexico. The experience led him to take up sculpture. He returned to Paris in 1974 and two years later he held another major solo exhibition at the Gallery La Hune, including some sculptural work.

23 de septiembre de 2013


Clement Kwan, figurative paintings are filled with light, color, joy and movement. "I like my paintings to express happiness. I use my artistic skills to create paintings that will give people joy and hope... my tool for helping to make the world a better place." Born in China, Clement had his art training through the Chinese government's fundamental art-training programs in Guangdong, China. Prior to his immigrating to Canada in 1979, Clement worked for a stage company painting large background scenery pieces. In Canada, Clement continues to pursue his goal of becoming a good fine artist. "For more than a decade, I have been going to a local art studio for weekly life drawings. Study from a life model improves my figurative works. I buy and study art books written by the current top artists, visit art shows, take workshops and follow the advice from my mentor, Mian Situ. In order to gain further knowledge, I am involved with art clubs. " Clement paints mainly in oils, combining impressionism with realism in his painting. He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and is a Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. His paintings can be found in museums, private collections, in galleries in the United States, England and Canada.

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Pradip Sengupta. I am a visual artist.I have completed my M.F.A from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan.Presently working in Delhi. My paintings are the images of the world - as seen by my eyes. my experiences as the man of this society compel me to develop a visual language which talks about my reactions at various situations.My experiences, sometimes as a passive onlooker and sometimes as an active participant, constitute the subject of my paintings.My journey from a small town in Bengal to the artistic atmosphere of Santiniketan and then to the busy and crowded life of Delhi, have had a deep impact on my life. All along the path of this journey I got the opportunity to experience life at different levels – the atmosphere changed with time and space…but emotions and experiences of a common man like me-the aspiration, struggles and achievements, the protest, grievances, damages all remain unchanged… The images of this life as shown by me are at times very symbolic. It may appear imaginative or random fantasy, but they hold their roots in the real world.