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7 de diciembre de 2013

Jacques Van Den Abeele

Jacques Van Den Abeele

Jacques Van den Abeele, 1960 Belgian sculptor, is exhibited in galleries spread over Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States of America. He realized also monumental sculptures for state orders.
For Jacques Van den Abeele, art is above all a quest for the essential foundations of existence, moving towards what lies behind appearances: feelings, emotions, fears. His sculptures thus allow us to see the fragility and the transcience of life, like the ephemeral sound of a note of music which, barely perceived, already fades and disappears. The artist works directly in wax and from this the statue is cast following the”lost wax” principle which makes each item a totally unique piece. He himself does the surface finishing and creates the patina on his works and wild expectations. If it so happens – only in a few cases –that a man is present, they engage in a game of cards during which the lady will invariably draw an ace of hearts which she meaningfully pushes under the man’s nose. This might be called a form of seduction.

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Unknown dijo...

Cristina un gusto saber que somos vecinos,soy de Chile y me encanta lo que publicas,bueno ya te sigo y sigue con esto que lo haces muy bien,saludos