30 de abril de 2015

CAROL NELSON. Colorado Artist.

Carol Nelson.- I am a Colorado artist specializing in acrylics and mixed media. I teach workshops around the country to artists interested in learning mixed media techniques.. Please see my website for the latest workshop schedule. I also offer private instruction in my Colorado studio. Please email me for more information on private instruction.
My paintings reflect my emotional and responsive connection to the world around me. Nature provides patterns, rhythms and textures that stimulate my creativity. In the creative process, there comes a point when the energy of the painting emerges and the materials themselves offer suggestions and direction. My goal is to be responsive to the process and guide the work to an expressive interpretation of nature’s spirit.

“The work of Carol Nelson is a bold exploration of both realism and abstraction. Each piece probes the essence of color, surface texture, and structural mass. Firmly rooted in the essence of the landscape, her abstract compositions often suggest geologic elements with the use of natural and man made materials such as metals, plastic, and numerous acrylic mediums.”

29 de abril de 2015

RUPERT BUNNY. Australian Painter.

Nació en St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, el 29 de septiembre de 1864.
En 1884, viajó a Inglaterra, para estudiar a la Calderon’s Art School de Londres, donde permaneció durante dieciocho meses, tras los cuales, marchó a París, para continuar su formación en el Taller de Jean Paul Laurens, cuya influencia se puede observar en algunas de sus obras.
Se casó con su compañera de estudios, Jeanne Morel, que posaría para él, en numerosas ocasiones.
Participó en el Salón de la “Société des Artistes Français” (Salón Antiguo) a partir de 1888, convirtiéndose en el primer pintor de Australia en recibir una mención honorífica por su obra.
Fue un hábil ecléctico con una base neoclásica, con detalles de los prerrafaelitas, del art nouveau, del fauvismo, y del simbolismo
Murió el 25 de mayo de 1947 en un hospital privado en Melbourne.

28 de abril de 2015

PAMELA BLAIES. American Painter.

Pamela Blaies works with oils to create representational art. She discovered her passion for painting soon after starting a family. Her small children were sad about their recent move, so to lift their spirits she began to create murals on their bedroom walls. She found herself anticipating each morning filled with painting. Compelled to explore this newly discovered part of her, she began to experiment with painting on canvas. These first steps were just the beginning of her lifelong commitment to the pursuit of painting. She works "alla prima" style, finishing each piece while the paint is still wet.
Her studio is her favorite place to paint and display her newest works of art. Her paintings can be found in private collections, galleries and exhibitions throughout Texas and beyond. Pamela is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists and Women Artists of the West. She has had the opportunity to study with talented and accomplished artists and has also discovered that self-study and experimentation work well for her as she continuously strives to grow as an artist. Through dedication, study and hard work, she pursues her art with enthusiasm. While nurturing her passion for painting, she has learned to feel, see and connect on a deeper level.
She’s a native Texan. She was born in Irving, raised in the Houston area and attended high school in Georgetown. After graduating from Baylor University, earning a degree in Business Administration, she was ready to spread her wings and experience more. She skipped the graduation ceremony to catch the first flight to Europe to continue the fashion modeling career she enjoyed for over a decade. She is working toward becoming fluent in Spanish and loves to travel, but home is where her heart is - Texas. She now lives with her husband of 17 years and their 3 children in Colleyville, Texas, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

27 de abril de 2015

GEORG ROESSLER. Artista alemán.

Georg Roessler.- No muy conocido artista alemán. Su vida y obras se sabe muy poco. En las extensiones de Internet no he encontrado su biografía ni Inglés ni alemán. Todo lo que se encuentra - es que él estaba casado con Anna K. Dersch y tenía cinco hijos. Anna K. Dersch nació en 1865 en una familia de seis hijos de Johannes Dersch (1827-1881) y Margaret Keller (1839, Ensingen, Neckarkreis, Württemberg, Alemania -. 1915)

26 de abril de 2015

THOMAS MORAN. American Painter.

Thomas Moran [1837-1926] was a British-born American painter and printmaker of the Hudson River School in New York whose work often featured the Rocky Mountains. Moran and his family took residence in New York where he obtained work as an artist. A talented illustrator and exquisite colorist, Moran was hired as an illustrator at Scribner's Monthly.