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28 de diciembre de 2013

Steve Cieslawskis

''Many of the elements in my paintings pertain to the journey of the individual from life to death, and, symbolically' the growth of the psyche through rising states of consciousness. I'm interested in the world of our own created reality as opposed to the existing reality created around us. It's a beautiful and somewhat amusing view of the individual quest for answers and that relationship with the collective unconscious. I find this fascinating, inspiring and also quite comical. My most successful work is in the balancing these ideas.
I use a variation of the technique of the 17th century Dutch Master, Johannes Vermeer. Each painting is done with many glazes of different colors. The effect is one of light traveling through perhaps 20 layers of glazed pigment and bouncing back through layers to form an inner light source. Every inch of the canvas is meticulously painted so that each day, with the changing light, the viewer will invariably see something new and different.''.Steve Cieslawskis.

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