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14 de diciembre de 2013

Stefania Orru

Stefania Orru

Stefania Orru was born in Jesi in March 1976.
At the age of 18, Stefania left Jesi and her family to enroll in the Faculty of Arts in Urbino, then subsequently in Verona and Perugia. During her early years at college, Stefania discovered painting as a means of expression and from then on this became a central theme in her life. In 1997, Stefania moved to Umbria where she worked for about seven years under the master Elvio Marchionni, where she learnt the fresco and mural painting techniques.

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Joop Zand dijo...

It's FANTASTIC...thats great art !!!!!!

I love it.

Greetings from Hollanda, Joop