30 de mayo de 2014


Datos: Sergey Kasabov, born Moscu - Russia.

29 de mayo de 2014


Was born in 1964 in City of Kutaisi, Georgia.
1981- School of Art named after G. Maisuradze, Georgia.
1989-Finished School -Studio MKAT( Artistic-producing faculty).
Most of the works of David Kezevadze are in private collections in France, Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Israel, Russia.


Vladimir Volosov was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1937. Physicist by education, Doctor of Science, Professor, winner of the State Prize, author of more than 100 scientific papers. At the age of 50 has left scientific activity and completely devoted himself to painting. Author of several hundreds paintings. Main direction in painting - lyrical realism.
In 2004 Vladimir Volosov became a full member of Derzhavin’s Academy of Arts.
Volosov’s works can be found in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad,
including the collections of the mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, and many others galleries and private collections of Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Japan.

28 de mayo de 2014


Serg (Laisk) Rahmanov

Datos : Serg Rahmanov born in Russia.


Dimitri Drozdetsky

The city landscape is the basis of Dmitri Drozdetsky's ("Mitrich") art. (Still lifes and portraits are on the occasion, also.) His early period of art was influenced by the "paris painting school" and "Mitki" art group; he have inherited their interest to solve sofisticated coloristic ideas, light & air space with color. Dmitri Drozdetsky has a rich nuanced palette. He tries to approach the decorative solutions in composition -- that finds itself in mosaic' touch texture, what is a typical post-expressionism feature. Dmitri also is engaged in the book-art and graphic art, which make reminiscences of art-nouveau' works.
Symbolism is another direction of his art, whish is less important. Drozdetsky have find there his own bright, original, visionary ideas, based on surrealism and Breigel and Bosch' art school heritage.
Currently, Dmitri is the co-chairman of "Krasny Matros/Mitky" ("The Red Sailor") art group. He is also the member of the International Federation of Artists (UNESCO).

27 de mayo de 2014


Cecile Veilhan

Cécile Veilhan born in Nantes in 1965. Charm, elegance and strength but with a lot of tenderness. Women's faces in all stages of women's life are mentioned and we can admire girls, mothers, women in love, happy, dreamy.