9 de marzo de 2014


Daniel Mirante is a painter, teacher and writer. His interest in visionary and sacred art is influenced by intensive ceremonial work within indigenous cultures and mystical lineages.
Understanding working with symbols as a dynamic language of spiritual enquiry, he developed a passionate interest in painting in 2002, and sought instruction in 2004 from Brigid Marlin, a venerable teacher in the lineage of Ernst Fuchs. Through exhibiting and lecturing internationally, leading workshops and holding space for collaboration, Mirante has been instrumental in spreading awareness of contemporary Sacred and Visionary Art...//

...//“I sincerely believe that there are alternative currents to the history of art, and that we are in the very process of revising art history as we speak. Daniel Mirante is becoming one of the great art historians (and one of the great artists!) of our times…” – Laurence Caruana.
Recently he taught at the Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminars in Italy, assisted Ernst Fuchs in Vienna in the autumn of 2012-2013, and worked as a founding member of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.
Currently residing in Devon, UK, Daniel Mirante currently focusses on grass roots art education, writing, painting and storytelling.

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