17 de marzo de 2014

Artista Carlo Vitali

Carlo Vitali, Born in Florence, Carlo Vitali has always been a painter; not yet 20 years old he started to frequent the studioso f his italian and foreign friends, until when, at the beginning of the 70’s he met with Christiaan Snijders, an old and skilful Dutch artist, who used to paint in the studios of Via dei Serragli. It was tank to this Maestro’s friendship and closeness that Vitali studied the colour and composition theory in depth. At the same time he enroled the Free School of Nude under prof. Manucci’s guidance. During his long artistic activity he has participated in several art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, always obtaining important prizes and aknowledgements. He ha salso held quite a few personal exhibitions in different Italian towns. His paintings are to be found in Italian collections and around the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria, China, South Korea and Japan. He has taken part into Arte Fiera Firenze ’96, New York ’98, Ghent-Belgium ’98 and Arte Padova 2006. For the S. Jacopo Church in Querceto (Sesto Fiorentino/Florence) he has painted two wooden boards intitled “The Eucaristic Angels”. In 2008 he donated two paintings, one to the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence and the other to the Tuscan Regional UNICEF. His work is catalogued at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence.

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