5 de marzo de 2014


Amanda Clark.- " I'm a self taught artist and creator of artful things. As a little girl, I loved everything creative. I used to paint and make things for hours! So into the inner visions to be interested in watching TV . The magic of imagination! The inspiring visions have always been with me. We are all capable of creating so much beauty of the inner world and outer world that transends the human spirit, how our souls can fly free! Art for me is a magic potion, a natural remedy to bring us back to harmony, a transformational tool and a way of being. I feel it frees the soul for its higher purpose, to bring peace, love , joy and harmony to this earth. We then become the creaters of our lives, and have the power to transform everything around us and even the whole world. It can only start ,from within ourselves."

2 comentarios:

Katherine Thomas dijo...

Thanks so much for always sharing such inspiring aritsts here. I love this post especially. Clark's color combinations, compositions, and subject matter are all beautiful!

Marìa Cristina Faleroni dijo...

Muchas gracias Katherine por tu comentario. Un gran abrazo.