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10 de noviembre de 2013


Vadim Chazov

Vadim A.Chazov was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1975.
He has spent almost his entire life learning about, and creating, fine art.
His schooling includes The College of Fine Art in Ekaterinburg, and 6 years of studying in one of the best art schools in the world - The Academy of Fine Art in Saint Petersburg ( Repin State Academic Institute of Painting Sculpture and Architecture ) . Besides perfecting his own drawing and painting skills, he was doing a serious research of the old masters paintings by copying their masterpieces at The Hermitage. Working at The Hermitage, which one of the largest Art museum in the world, was an essential part of Vadim's education, and a great privilege as well.
His paintings are part of various private collections in Russia, as well as abroad. He has exhibited internationally in numerous shows, winning many awards .
Besides being a brilliant artist , Vadim is a successful art teacher, muralist and restorer of masterpieces and murals in cathedrals .

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