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11 de noviembre de 2013


Keazim Issinov

Keazim Issinov.
"Many pages have been written about my father but I think that he is best described by one of the greatest Bulgarian art critics:
The works of Keazim Issinov are among the most interesting phenomena in modern Bulgarian Art. They display a unique approach and a plastic expressivity, which refers directly to the national artistic tradition. Mr Issinov’s art manifests a fusion of elements from Bulgarian folk tales and myths and a modern artistic world view. The artist has a feeling for and expresses himself in the language of the decorative tradition of folklore keeping alive this trend in Bulgarian painting. A painter of practically unlimited thematic and genre scope, Keazim Issinov is equally distinguished in composition, painting landscapes, portraits or still lives. He might be the only artist showing a lasting interest and excelling in miniature. Regardless of whether his subject is modern or folklore, he creates a world carrying its own logic and unique poetics. Mr Issinov’s sharp feeling for the picturesque, excellent knowledge of the Bulgarian artistic legacy and skill in picking elements from its large inventory of shapes and images create the unique atmosphere of his canvases. He brings to life the past and recreates the present. His works are permeated by a pantheistic adoration of life. Without sacrificing profundity, Mr Issinov’s art is performing the rare mission to both entertain and ennoble.
Recognition for the artist in this country and abroad springs from his all-pervading evocative power.
(Excerpts from Boris Danailov’s monography on Keazim Issinov)"

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