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20 de noviembre de 2013


Katie Swatland

Katie Swatland. Painting has been a part of my life since I was very young. There was always a wealth of paint, brushes, and paintings in the house.
Although I have always felt the artist stirring within me, my early formal studies gave no hint that I would turn out to be a painter. In fact, I graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I turned down two offers for full scholarships to graduate school to pursue my passion…painting. However, I am grateful for my education because engineering taught me how to think analytically and solve problems. Painting, after all, is as much about problem solving and a technical challenge as it is a passionate filled emotional journey. In its own way engineering can be as highly creative as art. The great and beautiful things man has built testify to that. So when the artist in me waiting to emerge could no longer be denied, I was grateful for the lessons I learned in my university training.

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