9 de julio de 2015


Orazio Gentileschi, original name Orazio Lomi(born 1562, Pisa [Italy] - died February 7, 1639, London, England), Italian painter, one of the more important painters who came under the influence of Caravaggio and who was one of the more successful interpreters of his style. His daughter, Artemisia Gentileschi, who was trained in his studio, also became a noteworthy Baroque artist.
Gentileschi first studied with his half brother Aurelio Lomi. At some time in the late 1570s or early 1580s he went to Rome, where, with the landscape painter Agostino Tassi, he painted frescoes in churches of Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni Laterano, and Santa Nicola in Carcere from about 1590-1600, executing figures for Tassi’s landscapes.

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