4 de mayo de 2014


Veronica Dyer.- Born in Venezuela, Veronica became a U.S. citizen February, 2010. She has resided in the United States for the last 14 years. Her love of art and a special ability for painting is a natural part of her family.
“Art was the tranquil place where I always lost myself for hours at a time.”
Veronica received her first art classes at 13 years of age from her grandfather, Italian artist Nerino de Panfilis. He painted in the style of the figurative movement, and at a very early age she discovered her preference for a style of art that offered more freedom.
"Each is an adventure. I fly, dance, dream; I don’t have pre-established limits. My work does not intend to reflect anything tangible. I only want to stimulate a response that is natural, unique and involuntary. Maybe tomorrow my work will inspire something different."
She now dedicates the greater part of her life to painting. Her works are being praised and this motivates her interest to continue growing. She represents a combination of different cultures, the Old World and the New World.
Veronica Dyer's paintings can be found in private collections in Venezuela, Canada, United States, Mexico and Switzerland.

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