13 de mayo de 2014

M. SINGH. Artista - 1979.

Self-taught artist M. Singh, born in 1979, brings the abstract world to life through his colourful brush strokes that creates a mood that oscillates between meditative and exuberant.
He expresses himself through both abstract and figurative works. In his abstract work he feels ideas flow through colour on paper. Different colours used indicate different pictures of life. He uses various colours to explain all possible phases of life.
Figurative paintings help him give shape to ideas and be inventive and expressive while religious paintings are the source of positive energies in his life.
Painting is his meditation; his path to self discovery, He finds silence in the noise of colour and form, tranquility to him is creating a picture.

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Es un placer seguir el Blog. También en Facebook. Excelente publicación.

Marìa Cristina Faleroni dijo...

Muchas gracias Orlando por tu comentario, muy amables tus palabras. Gracias también por seguirme. Un gran abrazo.

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