24 de abril de 2014


Tom Barnes, Born in High Point NC, Tom Barnes grew up in the pine forests and coastal plains of South Georgia. In the early fifties, raised amongst the gators, mosquitoes, and bourbon of South Georgia, Tom was dutifully packed off each summer, traveling by train to Savannah where he spent two weeks with the twins, Lila and Bess⦠may they rest in peace...
The two sisters insisted on taking the bus downtown every Thursday to shop, dine out, and maybe see a movie. Early in the morning, a lengthy discussion ensued as to what to wear. Completely coordinated in salmons, pinks, baby blues, mint greens, or lemon yellow, the two ladies set out toting bus tokens in their purses, and sporting hats with flowers (always with flowers), gloves, costume jewelry, and pumps matching their outfits. The fragrances exuded were thick with magnolia, lilac, and oleander.
Stores like Adler's, Fine's, and Levy's preceded lunch at Morrisonâs, always topped off with steaming hot coffee and coconut custard pie from Anton's. Roaming around the "city of parks," the three often ended up in Telfair Academy, the only art museum Tom ever saw until he was 16.

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Cristal_Azul dijo...


Son preciosas,con una explosión de color que llena de vida.Es gratificante acercarse a tu fascinante espacio.Muchos besos.

Marìa Cristina Faleroni dijo...

Muchas gracias por tus palabras Cristal. Un besote enorme.