19 de abril de 2014

Rusudan Khizanishvili. Artista - 1979

Rusudan Khizanishvili born on 17th December 1979 in the city of Nalchik (Russian Federation).
Rusudan Khizanishvili is a young contemporary artist working in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. With influences drawn from great artists such as Gauguin and Cezanne, Khizanishvili's work visibly acknowledges the history of painting and the paintings of the great masters. Her confident use of colour, combined with a palpable and often sensuous handling of oil paint demonstrates a maturity beyond her years. Rusudan's approach to both the handling of paint and compositional construction reflects a healthy knowledge of what has come before her, while at the same time clearly display a contemporary set of values and codes of practice. Graduating with a painting degree from the Tbilisi state Academy of Art, Rusudan went on to complete an MA in Media in 2005.The artworks are in multiple private collections in Russia, USA, UK, Netherland, Norway and any more others.

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