28 de abril de 2014


Michael David Sorensen vibrantly paints with personality that is better captured by the imagination than by a camera. From his unexpected color choices, that express mood more than reality, to his blending of both looseness and detail, Michael creates images that relate with people's memories of their favorite places and things.
Michael is from the Northwest U.S. and has been painting and taking photographs for over 18 years. His subjects range from the Northwest U.S. landscape scenery to vintage Volkswagen art that is often inspired by his job as the web guy at Avery's Air-Cooled Auto Parts - a vintage VW parts shop.

2 comentarios:

Cristal_Azul dijo...


Son tan reales que parece que alargando la mano puedes tocar ese mar,subir esa montaña y perderte en los colores que la forman.Gracias por enseñar tanta belleza.Muchos besitos.

Sónia M. dijo...

So much beauty in these paintings!