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24 de enero de 2014


Tibor Nagy

Tibor Nagy was born and raised in a small town called Rimavská Sobota in Slovakia which lies in the heart of Europe. He grew up in a family of musicians during the communist regime, where the artistic expression was severely restricted. On the other hand, these circumstances helped him to find his own unique voice as an artist, relatively uninfluenced by external elements.
Since a very young age, Tibor found himself deeply connected with nature and graphic expression in many forms felt very natural to him. Experience gained in nature and experience in artistic field constantly complemented each other. This created a strong basis which influenced his entire artistic development as well as remaining an endless source of inspiration for him as a self-taught artist.
At the beginning of Tibor’s artistic journey, realism combined with abstraction was the direction which prevailed in his style. Later, in the eighties, he started to incline more toward surrealism, combined techniques and experimentation still searching for his own unique way of expression.
In 2005, Tibor finally painted his very first plein air. It was also his first contact with landscape painting and oil painting. He immediately saw a great potential in this form of painting and expression even despite the difficulty of this style. The “Alla Prima” approach seemed very appealing in a sense of directness, truthfulness and expressiveness while at the same time being a real challenge as it required an uncompromising artist.

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