30 de enero de 2014


Jill Soukup

Jill Soukup, family moved to Colorado from Buffalo, New York during her early childhood, and Colorado is still her home. Interested in art from a young age, she spent her childhood on many creative projects with her brother. These included large-scale dinosaur cut-outs, life-sized snow ponies, sculptures made of casting gauze from her parents’ veterinary clinic, and clay animation captured on 8mm film. Her affinity for horses resulted in countless drawings and studies, which led to a solid drawing foundation and an understanding of animal anatomy. As a teen, Jill started a pet portrait business, acquired jobs painting murals, and designed logos for her high school and a local daycare center.
“My early art experiences,” she notes, “consisted of school classes, much self-determination and learning, and abundant encouragement from my parents and teachers. I’d known all along that art was my life’s path, yet I also recognized that I thrived in a well-rounded environment. I was keen to the fact that athletics and academics fed and often synchronized with my creative work. I chose Colorado State University for its traditional graduation requirements and strong design program. I received awards for illustration and design and worked as an illustrator for the campus daily newspaper and as a graphic designer for the Residence Hall’s programming team.”
After graduating from CSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1991, Jill Soukup pursued a career in graphic design. She immersed herself in this field for 11 years, cultivating the principles of good design, computer proficiency, and business skills. Working in this environment also emphasized the importance of critique and how to apply it to artistic growth. She maintained a connection with fine art during this time by taking classes at Art Students League of Denver.

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tecla dijo...

Algún día te tendré que dar las gracias por tantas obras buenas con las que nos has hecho disfrutar desde que te conozco.
Cada día me paso a visitarte, y no solo una vez sino muchas.
Y me llevo las obras por ahí por esos espacios cibernéticos para que vean mundo y que el mundo las vea a ellas.
Un abrazo.

Marìa Cristina Faleroni dijo...

Muchas gracias Tecla por tu comentario. Un gran abrazo.