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2 de enero de 2014

Felice Tafuri

Felice Tafuri

Felice Tafuri. Italian painter, must be considered of 'classical' interest moving towards equilibrium, towards realistic view. His work merits a logical, thoughtful and thorough interpretation. .
He sketches directly in colour thus using his brush as a tool to compose cromatic of linear architectures. He also uses light as if it were infinitely precious, masterfully distributing it here and there in the painting, never at random, but precisely identified spots, points from which the entire composition radiates and expands. Felice constantly seeks the magical point where light and matter, space and colour converge and balance to make the work come alive. It must be added that painter captures viewers's attention in order to involve him in the creative process so as to estabilish a connection beetwen the work and the observer, just as Felice becomes deeply involved with his subjects which are almost always drawn from personal experience.
Felice Tafuri is a figurative painter. He approches modern and contemporary themes, managing to fuse a complete artist's palette with the infinite range of feelings and sensations, thus creating a body of work which is both varied and complete. Not only his figures and compositions, his landscapes and marine veiws but also his other artistic expressions vibrate deeply with tonality, dense with colour and armony. Even his still lifes are rich in light and feeling, seemingly coming to life at the simple touch of his brush. .
Felice Tafuri was born in Salerno in 1939 and his most important Italian exibits include Milan, Brescia, Bologna, Trieste, Firenze, San Remo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Montecatini Terme, Chianciano, Marina di Pietrasanta, Napoli, Taranto, Bari e Salerno. His paintings are also held in private collections in Italy, Austria, the United States and Japan.

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