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9 de enero de 2014


Jennifer Baird

Jennifer Baird (also known as Jenny Hilton-Clarke), was born in England but lived for over 30 years on the tiny unspoilt island of Tobago, in the West Indies, where she resided as a recluse, high in the wild and remote rain forest - painting and meditating and living an extremely simple life without electricity, plumbing or mod cons. She now lives in England and is at present painting a transitional body of work, exploring the processes of integrating her many years in the tropics into a completely new phase of life in a vibrant and beautiful coastal town in South England.
Jennifer has been painting all her life and has exhibited many times in Trinidad and Tobago and produced a diverse array of works over the last 40 years, ranging from the scenic to the deeply mystical and visionary.
The influence of many cultures, mythologies, philosophies and metaphysical ideas can be seen weaving a continuum through her work; exploring themes, patterns and focii as they evolve through her inner and outer worlds. But most important and influential are the direct experiences and insights which arose from living primitively and alone in wild and completely natural surroundings, spending many hours a day in meditation and spiritual practice. She has been a Vajrayana buddhist since the early seventies. Jennifer's paintings have a natural alchemy that conjures strong atmosphere. They contain a power, a magic within themselves which flows into the viewer. They are unimpeded expressions; free-flowing manifestations of wonder and wakefulness. A pictorial language which holds together the strands of meaning, symbol and feeling.
Jennifer's current work has been moving more and more towards the abstract and continues to change and evolve.

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