1 de febrero de 2013

Pinturas de Rene Zwaga

René Zwaga was born on the 16th of august 1958. René went to the school of painting and decorating in Utrecht. Gradually he found out that his aspirations were beyond house painting. Then he chose to go to an art school to become a teacher. The urge of creating became increasingly stronger, so he decided to follow his dream and become a professional artist. After finishing his formal art studies in Amsterdam he explored several techniques of fine art to develop his own unique style. His way of expression and technique show great versatility. He is always searching for the ultimate form to express himself. He is convinced that this is a never ending process. René embraces his artistic development, always in service of the image that needs to be expressed. Technique, style and method are merely tools in this process. Explicitly he hopes to combine art with love, realism with fantasy and matter with spirituality. His paintings are sometimes confronting, but enclose always a message of hope. His work reflects his life and is a journey of growth and harmony.

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