15 de febrero de 2013

Artista Chakaphan Ratanachan

Chakaphan Ratanachan. "In Femme Fatale, Chakaphan centres his fantastical narratives upon the female figure as his metaphoric subject. Portrayed as beautiful temptresses, his seductive muses are deceptive illusions to reality, their vulnerability and fallibility symbolic to life’s falsities. Incorporating music as a further analogy, the high and low pitches of a score mirroring the journey through life, he considers that from infant to parenthood, existence is intangible and transitory with external forces dictating destiny. Previously Chakaphan directed his brush toward the transgender community, exploring notions inner truth. An MFA graduate from Silpakorn University, Chakaphan’s painterly style is evocative to several of the great canonical artists from Western art history."

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