2 de septiembre de 2013


Vasyl Fedoruk. An essential element of any composition that aspires to be classified as art is the creation of an image. It is irrelevant whether it is realistic, symbolic or abstracted from the world around us. Principally, it should be a consummate, original and unique item, which allows one to perceive the artist's artistic contemplation. Vasyl Fedoruk creates these types of images: present and mysterious. It makes no difference what particular genre of painting, whether portrait, landscape or still life; artistic representation is present in every case. The artist created an individual manner of composing his images which manifests itself mostly in his representations of figures and half-figures, but also appears in other genres. Intentionally inaccurate proportions, elongated bodies and faces, and the development of an individual figurative type are characteristic of the images he conveys. Aside for the aforementioned features, the artist often uses a palette of colors, that affects the entire perception of the composition in which the figure (or portrait) encompasses the entire space, leaving the rest of the canvas as a background effect. It should also be noted that almost all the compositions in this series are enriched by subtle integrations. Usually, everything shown on the master's canvas is born through the unconscious process of his imagination, and hides its' philosophical implications, through which the artist communicates information from the world he has created to the viewer. The internal content, along with the "color perception" of Vasyl Fedoruk, refine and distinguish his paintings, which are full of hidden emotion.
Against the backdrop of oil paintings composed in Lviv between the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries, this artist's compositions have an inherent range of innovative ideas. Primarily, this manifests itself in his interpretation of images, blended with phantasmagoric beauty, refined on the canvas, representing precisely formed ideas. Elongated proportions, the combination of dotting and textural elements along with smooth even surfaces and clearly placed accents; all of this is condition of the uniqueness of each of the artist's paintings. The artist regularly searches for nuances in color, which lead to bold experimentation, which distinguish his works as notable, profound, nuanced innovations, that attract the attention of the viewer and draw examination in the world of paintings. The artist's picturesque poetics and "his majestic coloring" create a painted melody. Therefore, in communication with Vasyl Fedoruk's paintings, one can not remain indifferent. The only course of action: to give in to one's emotions and immerse oneself in his lively "civilization of color." Oksana Fedoruk-Terleckyj.

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