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14 de septiembre de 2013


Frank Herbert Mason was born Feb. 20, 1921, in Cleveland, Ohio. Artistic influences were strong in his home – his mother was a musician and his father a Shakespearean actor. Both also painted. In 1932 his family moved to New York, where young Frank was apprenticed to study with the painter Manuel Rayes at the age of 12. At 16 he earned a scholarship to the Art Students League of New York. There, he began a long period of study and friendship with the classicist Frank Vincent Dumond, which continued until the latter’s death in 1951. Mason succeeded Dumond at the Art Student’s League, where his teaching has achieved legendary status among students who continue to throng his classes. Advanced students serve as apprentices in his studio, preparing varnishes, mixing mediums, and hand-grinding pigments.

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