17 de junio de 2015


Sergey Cherkasov was born on 10th November 1948, in the town of Artem in Vladivostok, Russia. He studied in the Far Eastern State Pedagogical Institute of Arts, where he graduated from the Studio of V.N. Doronin. He has participated in many exhibitions around the world, including in Russia, China, Japan and the U.S.A.
Sergey is a member of the Union of Russian artists. In 1999, he was awarded with the title of “Honourable Artist of Russia”. Over the last 10 years, he worked in the Far East Publishing House as Director of Art and Design. Cherkasov has also won numerous awards for his literary illustrations. In his home region of Primorsky Krai, it’s hard to come by someone who does not own a copy of a book that features Cherkasov’s illustrations. His artwork is showcased in renowned Russian literary titles such as “Defeat” by Fadeeva, “Taiga Odyssey” by Voznyuk Yu and “On the edge of the Ussuri” by Vladimir Arseniev.
Sergei Cherkasov is one of the few lucky artists that have managed to remain young at heart. He has developed his own artistic handwriting and has an ever changing circle of favourite inspirational subjects. His vision of the world and his firm position on realism is not narrowly dogmatic in his understanding of it. The artist is and always has been keen to explore the whole depth of potential creative oportunities.

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