7 de junio de 2015


Guillermo Gómez Gil [1862-1942] was born in Malaga in 1862. He showed an interest in art from a very early age and began training as an artist in 1878 as a pupil of the San Telmo School of Fine Arts in Malaga. He must have made good progress as he ventured to compete for the Barroso prize awarded by the council as an incentive to students of the school, although he did not win. He tried again in 1881 and was equally unsuccessful.
In 1880 he took part in his first group show, the Art, Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition organised by Malaga council. The works he entered attest to his preference for seascapes as they were entitled Puesta de sol (“Sunset”) and Marina (“Seascape”); the former was acquired by the council for 375 pesetas.

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