30 de abril de 2015

CAROL NELSON. Colorado Artist.

Carol Nelson.- I am a Colorado artist specializing in acrylics and mixed media. I teach workshops around the country to artists interested in learning mixed media techniques.. Please see my website for the latest workshop schedule. I also offer private instruction in my Colorado studio. Please email me for more information on private instruction.
My paintings reflect my emotional and responsive connection to the world around me. Nature provides patterns, rhythms and textures that stimulate my creativity. In the creative process, there comes a point when the energy of the painting emerges and the materials themselves offer suggestions and direction. My goal is to be responsive to the process and guide the work to an expressive interpretation of nature’s spirit.

“The work of Carol Nelson is a bold exploration of both realism and abstraction. Each piece probes the essence of color, surface texture, and structural mass. Firmly rooted in the essence of the landscape, her abstract compositions often suggest geologic elements with the use of natural and man made materials such as metals, plastic, and numerous acrylic mediums.”

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