11 de agosto de 2014


Constantine Lvovich

Constantine Lvovich studied a the studio of Ilya Glazuno at the Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow. He studied alongside Alexei Butirskiy for many years and they became close friends. Having mastered many styles at the academy, Constantin choose to develop a technique combining both Realism and Impressionism. His resulting images are sensitive, exceedingly well composed and masterfully executed.
An acclaimed artist at just 36 years of age, Constantin has exhibited throughout Europe and has become very popular in Paris auction houses. Constantin's most conspicuous characteristic of his paintings is his ability to accurately and objectively combine visual reality with the transient effects of light and color. Much like Monet, the viewer can always detect the time and season in his paintings.
The techniques Constantin employs in his works are not so much the mixing of color but rather the respect for each color, independent of one another. The Impressionists referred to this as "painting is a state of mind rather than just technique."

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