11 de julio de 2014


Marina Vyazova

Marina Vyasova, was born in 1961 in Moscow where she lives to this day. She has a degree in mathematics and applied mechanics from the prestigious Moscow State University. For over 20 years, Marina has worked in the aerospace industry. Most of all, Marina values people around her; she says that a human being is the only valuable that cannot be substituted with anything else. The experience that made the most powerful impression on Marina in her life occurred a long time ago in the artist's workshop when she came there for the first time as a student. "The magic of an image's appearance on the blank canvas enchants you for life.... But I only started painting in 2006 as it took me a while to muster the courage", says Marina in the interview.
Marina believes that we live to learn how to love: God, nature, people.... In her works she aims to reproduce, at least partially, the fine layers of our surrounding life. This is why she appreciates very much the works of the famous Lithuanian artist Mikalojus Ciurlionis. She enjoys austere northern landscapes and a wide range of music, from ambient to classic; she loves the movie "Three colors. Blue" by Krzysztof Kieslowski, and admires Russian poets of the Silver age.

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