5 de julio de 2014


Florian Grass

FLORIAN GRASS.- Born in 1977 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Florian is the youngest of three sons of Hans Grass, a famous painter of flowers and winter scenes in Europe.
Florian enjoyed his childhood in his father’s studio where he loved being surrounded by paint boxes, paintbrushes and varnish. He learned very early in life about nature, flowers and the method of how to represent them on canvas from his father’s experience. His artistic lifestyle began to develop itself at the early age of 9.
Florian Grass went to the famous senior high school“Benediktiner Gymnasium Ettal”, Germany Additional private training in drawing and flower painting by his father, Hans Grass Training in glass-and porcelain painting, Private Painting Academy, Kaufbeuren, Germany.
Two years private course in realistic and modern art of painting at the University of Munich, Germany.
Various studies and private lessons in flower painting at highly reputable art schools in Utrecht, Netherlands & Florence, Italy.
Life & Art:
Florian Grass lives in Munich, Germany and works in his private studio. He is shown in art galleries in Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

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