9 de agosto de 2013


Tigranv Hovumyan was born on November 8, 1969. He is engaged in graphic arts, paintings, and sculpture. His pictures took place in different catalogues of the world such as US (New York, Los Angeles, Boston), Holland, France, Turkey, Slovenia, Belgium, Singapore. 1979-1984 Art school by Kogoyan. 1985-1989 Art college by P. Terlemezyan. 1989-1995 Art-theatre institute. 1994 Participated in an exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. 1995 Participated in "Drui" auction in Paris. 1995 Personal exhibition in Yerevan-ASCC (Armenian Society of Cultural Connection). 1996 Participated in an exhibition devoted to the celebration of 50 years of UN, which took place in the building of Union of Painters in Armenia.

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