31 de agosto de 2013


Daniel Malisky. "I began painting in the year 2000. A change in my careers allowed me to devote all my energies to painting. I had dabbled all my life with applied art but I held back in my adult life because the energies I seem to use when I'm painting require such commitment of time it would have precluded all else. I've studied primarily with Suzanne Young, an alumni of Academie Julian of Paris. At the Student's Art League I've studied under Peter Cox and Richard Peonk. I have within the last year hoped to move to the next step in that I would like to establish a name to ensure that my work will be safeguarded after I'm gone.
To explain my method of painting I would say my first love is line. I love the elegant movement of brush and paint. The flow and energy of elongated strokes. The theater of art on canvas. A performance so to speak. I am very pleased when I see within the image a brush work of paint that is evident of itself yet a piece of the puzzle that creates the image. I do not understand the artistic process of my creativity. As I said to a fellow student, "Where do we go, in our brains, when we paint?" I know the techniques taught to me by instructors but why I paint as I do I can not say. When I paint I'm as excited as the next person to see where my imagination will take me and what will emerge on canvas. The energy is so compact and intense (it has been said I hit the canvas with both feet running) I sometimes muse that perhaps I'll burn out someday and this will all have been some dream, wonderful and filled with colour and the best memory of my life."

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