7 de julio de 2013

Artista Svetlana Kurmaz

Svetlana Kurmaz was born and raised in Krasnodar, a town at the south of Russia, near the Black See. She, having graduated from Faculty of Art of the Krasnodar State University , was inviting there as a teacher and lecturer . After 7 years of this experience , having met with Alexander Sokht , she stopped her career at the University and opened a new door in her life : to be just an artist. However, Svetlana Kurmaz is engaged professionally in exhibition activity since 1988. At the beginning there was mainly in her native region . In 1992, with group of young artists , she made a few exhibitions in Moscow :“37 Pictures”, “Russian Collection. End of 20th Century” in the M’Ars Gallery and “48 Pictures” in the Central House of Artists , Moscow; after what Svetlana , together with Alexander Sokht , moved at Moscow.

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