18 de junio de 2013

Jennifer Meanley

Jennifer Meanley paintings found a solid resonance with Manifest's seasonal exhibit committee in our annual review process. They quickly met with approval for inclusion in the season 6 lineup. Furthermore, based on their strength and size, Meanley's works are the first ever to be awarded a full two-room solo exhibit at Manifest. While clearly grounded in the present-day, Meanley's paintings also bear a strong echo of Fauvism and Expressionism. The figurative narration that occurs throughout the exhibit trends towards the metaphorical, moody, and powerful. The pure paint, color, and implicit emotional tension promise to saturate the gallery, and provide a uniquely moving visual experience. "The characters within my paintings often appear to be captured in moments of intimate self disclosure. In this way, they live the suspended existence of people held in that mental space in which the sensation of making discoveries is born or forms. This constitutes the objective ‘seeing’ of the self in relation to the subjective context."

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