8 de junio de 2013

Artista Sophie Wilkins

Sophie Wilkins, Drawing and painting have been part of my life since my tender childhood. A passion that became essential to me along the way. Murals and paintings are my main focus but I also explore the fields of decor, artistic make-up and illustration. Through my art, I try to represent the energy of love that should flow in a society that sometimes leaves a sour taste in my mouth. A revealing aspect of life which I explore through details that, once too often slip through our hands. A new world dances in my head where each of us becomes creators and masters of our destiny. Where light softens and time fades away. A Parallel Universe in which animals and humans share a mutual respect creating a perfect balance in order to attain Unity. Having given birth, I feel the need and the responsibility to create a world where lightness and simplicity are predominant aspects. Where strength and weakness are accepted so that my little angel may spread his wings freely. The world must evolve and its people awaken.

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gstanev59 dijo...

Hello, Christina! I like your blog. :)