20 de abril de 2013

Nicolai Balyshev

Profound lyricism and fine nervous response to the modernity, worship for the beauty of forms are considered to be the major peculiar features of the paintings and drawings of the artist. Free and relaxed manner of painting has been displayed in his poetic oil-paintings-improvisations “Life inside Fire”, “The gulf of Peter the Great”, “Gold Birds”, “Birds of the Sky”, and others, which are basicly, under the Oriental influence. The composition “Solaris” appears to be especially original and genuine because it represents a majestic and at the same time ominous view of the planet with its breathing in orange, the planet of rationale with the energy problems of space. Strict and logical composition seems to be the artist’s particular trait, as well. Still life paintings such as: “Bunch of grapes”, “Nefertiti”, “Romantic Rendez-Vous” belong to this series. In this art cycle one can feel the strong influence of the European avant-garde of the beginning of the XX century. The artist succeeded to catch his own lyric profile and his own surround of things, likely to be penetrated by the theatrical streams of light. The artist is searching for his personal stand-point. For example, Nefertiti has not been portraited properly, in all the details. The artist has simply depicted the trunk of the beauty for the times being. The painting “Mirror” with its soft intersections of spheres and sides is the reflection of worshipping of the virtual space. Some paintings of that cycle possess so called genre elements (“Romantic Rendez-Vous”, still life with cognac “Abu-Simbel”). Nevertheless, one can notice the artist’s aspiration by the huge symbolic shapes. Nicolai Balyshev is a gifted artist. His artistic works have been highly appreciated both by his colleagues and spectators, as well. He is a great master not only to paint, buy to get rid of the occasional facts and happenings. He accepts blame for his existence and creativity. He radiates aristocratic reservedness, shy hospitality. People are eager to use this hospitality easily. He is a master to see beauty and perfection in all the manifestations and reproduce them skillfully on his canvas. He is a warm-hearted person. Vicious and jealous man will never rise. Nona Kristy

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