22 de abril de 2013

Hernan Valdovinos

Hernan Valdovinos, chilean painter, was born in Santiago, Chile. At an early age, he studied art with his mother, Maruja Prats, who is herself an original and respected artist and graduated from the University of Chile's Fine Arts Institute. At the age of nine, Valdovinos went on to study painting and sculpture with Kurt Herdan and Tótila Albert and showed his individual work for the first time through their gallery. The father's profession (journalist) moved the entire family to New York, where Valdovinos became more familiarized with the vanguards through an important period of study at the renowned Art Students League. Back in Chile, he was awarded a Fine Arts degree by the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Chile. At the age of 23, Valdovinos traveled to Spain. For the next seven years, he exhibited his work in Madrid both individually and collectively. In 1981, he was awarded a special grant by the Italian Government to study Form Analysis at the Florence University of Arts.

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