6 de diciembre de 2012

Pinturas de William Kalwick

William Kalwick’s art was greatly influenced by his late father who had studied with Lajos Markos, a prominent portrait painter. Kalwick studied with his father until graduating. He then attended the Arts Student League of New York. In 1981, Kalwick moved to Houston, Texas to become the protégé of Lajos Markos. The two made numerous trips to Europe, especially Italy, where Kalwick experienced first hand the country's long tradition of powerful images. In a profile in Focus/Santa Fe magazine, Kalwick was quoted as saying, “I started with a strong European influence, and now I see my style changing.” In addition to Markos, he credits other influences to Sorolla, Repin, Zorn, Serov, and Sargent -- all artists noted for their expressive works. Kalwick’s paintings cover a wide range of subject matter. However, he is best known for his Mexican market scenes, figurative work, and portraits. Recent portrait commissions include Harold Hook, retiring CEO of American General Corp.; Reese Jones, international golf course designer; and Paul Merriman, retiring CEO of Hisco Corp. In 1998, Kalwick was honored for the second time with a one-man show sponsored by the United States Embassy at the Museo Ixchel in Guatemala City.

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