30 de diciembre de 2012

Pinturas de Jo Joosten

Jo Hoosten. ''I was born in Maasbracht (The Netherlands)in 1956. I can't remember any period in my life in wich I haven't been painting or drawing. From 1976 till 1982 I attended the "tehatex" art-education in Nijmegen. After that I ended up as a teacher of expresive arts. Besides teaching , I kept qualifying and training in my profession, and I ran a commercial agency for a decade , and I worked as a grafhic designer. The mixture between teaching and the manufacturing of housestyles , illustrations etc.was a good mariage , They couldn't live without each other , and I didn'twant to miss either one of them . But still , suddenly I realised that the creativity in my job as a designer had totally disappeared. Painting became my ultimate form of freedom and I decided to completely go for that. It was only in 2006 , when the need arose to step out with my work. Very soon , individual expositions followed , and I took part in group exhibitions . All that is left for me , is to wish you a lot of fun seeing my paintings. If you have any questions , you can always mail me''

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