12 de diciembre de 2012

Esculturas de Paolo Borghi

Paolo Borghi sculpts men and women, grown together with the earth and with each other. Women standing on a rock, who are connected via that rock to their village or home. Paolo Borghi creates this universal primeval world in bronze, marble, and polychrome terracotta. He creates people as gods, marching to the morrow, or meditating in the present. They point the way for each other, comfort, defend, or caress each other. They may fight against the erosion of the soul, defy violent forces of life, but they remain dignified in the role that the creator allotted them. Also, there is always that connection with the earth, the water, the villages, and the mountains. To call Borghi a romantic would be too simple. In his works, there is no vague yearning for an idealized existence, but rather a quest for existence itself, for its origins, whether it is a barren rock or a little village. His characters identify so intensely with this idea that they themselves become the origin. The female nude transforms into a landscape, which is crossed by the rivers of life. Bodies and mountains melt into masses with identical archaeology. Thus, Borghi reconstructs the creation of Man in an empiric investigation into his origin and his fate.