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15 de septiembre de 2015

Ilya Izum

Country: Russian Federation.-City: Moskow.
My life - painting, I repeat Konstantin Korovin's words. All went from the childhood, from circumstances, from the hometown on Volga. Probably our unique Isaak Levitan left an attractive print of the art drama in the Reach. From what there still great number of local and visiting artists. Remembering maternal stories about we wash creative concern of the childhood I can't believe that could such get up; less than in two weeks I soiled in paints, handles and pencils a pile from a pyatist of leaflets of paper, I increased a dry callosity on a finger still being six-year-old and still I carry it with myself. The choice of my development already then was obvious, though was accompanied by purely household contradictions. Now from the relative height of the age, I understand what wide range of talented people me I surrounded and surrounds till this day - artists thinkers of the time to which always, and more now, I feel genuine gratitude, and misunderstanding of why I met them, I had companionship, swore, it was happy, as well as now. The will of a case convinced me of what his will, instead of washing takes priority, sets the life schedule, exactly as well as in creativity therefore a wide eye I look towards a rising sun, it is important to feel only when the vivifying breeze of changes will blow. To look and see, listen and hear - credo of consciousness. To me sees that the person who on - to the present is devoted to art, at first persistently studies within a certain tradition, makes many mistakes, respectively to seek to correct them and after what - that years, falls in love with the mistakes as in precious finds, comprehends them, and here then the artist as the personality with creative I is born. Drawing, as feeling of an image, its appointment and emotion as form and color transfer always is present that ten years ago that now. All creative potential of the person both in music and in the fine arts is made related by harmony of their perception. Interesting to make direct effort therefore I use each material which is available to me everything: stone, paints, tree, mosaic, plaster, clay. In art to study on others mistakes in my opinion, too irresponsible occupation.

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