6 de enero de 2015


Painting by Pasquale Picazio in the Future of Visual Civilization
Pasquale Picazio, upon arriving at his climax as an artist, prepares for the eminent arrival of innovations of the “Post-Novecento,” or after the 20th century. Therefore, we are led to see (Visto) and think of the future of figures in art. In this case, the word “Visto” or see, should be interpreted in the immediate and universally: see the image; enjoy the image as you are looking at it. When enjoying, absorb the explicit communications and the hidden transmissions. In Picazio’s case, being a painter of Body, you could even use the term “sotto pelle” or under skin, to solicit a vision that must go deeper, and at the same time rise into the light, in the summit of emotion.
The “Nudo-Donna” or Nude-Women of Picazio is understood immediately, and seen, in her visual sense literally but is almost a reconsideration of desire-memory, being absorbed in a non-visual way and transmitted intimately to the spectator of the painting. We are experiencing Pasquale Picazio art in a rare, modern way; the body language of absolute purity, having arrived to us from the Greeks.

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