16 de octubre de 2014


Stefan Fiedorowicz

Stefan Fiedorowicz was born in Canada and currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Having exhibited internationally including major shows in the US, Canada and Europe, the artists is predominantly concerned with lyrical abstraction.
His shapes and lines infuse his paintings with a richly exotic symbolism of style. There is purpose and psychology to his work, conveying a sense of confidence. Both bold and at times tentative, Stefan’s work serves to initiate and consequently capture an emotional response, soothing yet powerful. As a result his canvases are inordinately engaging.
“My work is intuitive; colour is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me. When you change the way you look at things, the things you see change.'
“Abstract art is an understanding of a visual language, one wherein the viewer must interpret the quality of shapes and line”. Fiedorowicz’s work creates energetic lyrical abstract are with bold colours and superb textures. His sumptuous reds, vivid ochres and blues collide and bleed into one another; creating artwork that not only pleases aesthetically but stirs something tangible within the viewer.

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